Thursday, November 17, 2011


Thanks to Anon in the comments on the previous post for drawing my attention to this Radio Five debate yesterday.

I hear Frank Davis is going to transcribe the whole thing at some point today.

In the radio interview with presenter Nicky Campbell, Witchfinder General Debs Arnott finally admits the goal is "to get rid of smoking" at 31 mins in.

She also lies when asked about ASH's funding. Yes, they do steal cash from the likes of the BHF and CRUK, that should be using their funds for medical research to find cures for these illnesses that claim many lives, because that is what people donate to them for, but because both orgs are heavily funded by Big Pharma, the deal is that they must also fund propaganda at ASH covertly or indirectly so that ASH can push people towards Big Pharma's products.

At 41 mins into the radio debate, an oncologist member of the BMA says smoking can be good for you. She claims, and I agree, that this latest lying propaganda from the BMA is counter productive. She also says HPV must be present before smoking causes lung cancer. Smoking does not cause it on its own.

I feel a bit sorry for this lady doctor because I feel sure her job in now in jeopardy. Anyone who dares go "off message" and give some actual facts on smoking and health is usually hounded out of their profession.

Meanwhile it seems that some local people are angry with Smoke Free Lincs - a public funded alleged public service that has shown itself up as a bigoted liar by backing a false and invented study made up by the BMA to push through a car ban to aid in the further denormalisation of smokers and ultimate eradication of a legal product and the criminalsation of its consumers.

I'm told people can comment on the Smoke Free Lincs site and tell them how unhappy they are that this organisation prefers to deal in lies than truth and giving a disservice to people rather than truthful, helpful, and factual health information to enable them to make the right choices.

Do feel free to add your own comments informing Smoke Free Lincs that lies are completely unacceptable and innapropriate in the smoking and health debate.

** One final point that has occurred to me is that the Radio interview also showed up state health persecutor Anne Milton as a liar. You may recall she told me that no decision had been taken on this year's funding to ASH - but this lie is exposed by Deb Arnott who told the world that the DoH funds the quango.

UPDATE : The BMA has finally retracted its claim and admits it lied but it has now made up a new figure and expects us all to believe it. The organisation's credibility has already been compromised.

The fact is, the research and study the BMA mentions was never done. It doesn't exist. It was a lie built up from a random newspaper quote left by a smokerphobic on a forum so I, for one, can't see that it makes a difference whether they say 23 times or 11 times. No study - no fact. Just another new guesstimate for effect.