Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Dick Pudlecote was his usual perceptive self when he said that the BMA and BBC will lie to you today.

Either they purposefully told untruths or they were misled into saying untruths but either way we should be able to expect our scientific establishment will not hoodwink the public to achieve it's political ideological aims.

As demonstrated by Chris Snowdon the mythical report that the BMA relied on to push denormalisation further is a fraud and has been exposed by researchers as a made up fact nicked from the forum of a local newspaper in 1998 and cynically manipulated into truth.

Carl Minns was able to easily work it out and like he says, why on earth can't modern journalists look behind the press release propaganda they are spoon fed.

I had so much to say during the interview I had with BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning. The presenter on Rod Whiting's show didn't even care that the "study" the BMA quoted from was fake. He didn't care about the truth on the SHS studies either but then that's wasn't a surprise.

The local BBC was just happy to push the idea in a vox pop and never mind the twisted and heavily biased way the questions were put. It was thoroughly depressing to hear the Sheeples bleating in agreement about studies that show smokers kill their children when they are not even true.

I really wanted to put Belinda's question about why if smokers' kids are in mortal danger, and they have so little choice, they were ignored to save drunken adults from smokers in pubs first.

I got to mention some of the SHS biological studies that show nicotine suppresses asthma but I was gobsmacked at the sheer naivety of the presenter who said it couldn't possibly be true until I pointed out that actually nicotine is used in many pharma treatments and medicines so, yes, it actually could be.

He carried on regardless and the debate didn't move forward but stagnated to a point where I wasn't even sure if I was plugged in. The smoke free woman, of course, was given the biggest slice of time but I got her to reluctantly accept that most smoker parents are considerate.

However, she's so afraid for the tiny minority that don't show consideration for something that might irritate their passengers rather than harm them that she believes the jackboot of the law is called for.

Of course the real motivation for dragging out this old "23 times more toxins than in a smokey pub" threat is because Lung Cancer Foundation luvvie Alex Cunningham MP is forcing his motion to ban smoking in cars through parliament again on November 25.

This is based on a 16,000 signature petition organised and signed by the Lung Foundation, it's activists and supporters, and allies. It's hardly representative of the national 51 million population of England but they have enough to pretend it's what "everybody" wants.

The BMA needs to get out and talk to the general grass roots public more - and so does Alex Cunningham. People are not taking to the streets demanding a ban on smoking in cars or homes in the way that they are taking to the streets to protest about cuts, the economy nose diving, the EU or even tuition fees and dodgy bankers.

The public has demonstrated it really doesn't give a damn whether people smoke on and in their own property but the BMA with false propaganda is trying to force them to be concerned and look with disdain on smokers.

How you stop the hate and lies from spreading is beyond me when the very people and organisations that we should be relying on for truth and accurate information are the very ones that tell the biggest porkies.

The BMA will get its way eventually - perhaps on November 25 despite Cameron's alleged reservations that it is a civil liberty taker too far. The Govt will rely on co-operation from the BMA in pushing through it's destruction reforms of the NHS and it won't want to risk non-compliance from a very powerful medical lobby that can make or break its plans.

The only thing that stinks here is the rotten corruption that lies at the very heart of those institutions we should be able to trust.

The BMA has shamed itself today.

UPDATE : The best story on this today has come from The Daily Mash which says :

Dr Bill McKay, a GP from Peterborough, said: "Are you absolutely sure? Well, I'm afraid that if poor people's cars can do the same things as our cars then we are going to need more money.

He added: "In the meantime we do need to ban poor people from opening their car windows so that they understand how important it is not to smoke in cars."

Helen Archer, a mother of three from Stevenage, backed the BMA, adding: "If I smoked then my kids would be in the most terrible danger for the three minutes it takes us to drive to school or McDonalds.

"And it's bad enough watching a fat kid heave himself out the back of an Audi without him then coughing his lungs over everybody's bacon double-cheeseburgers."

Smoker, Tom Logan, said: "I don't have kids and in the interests of my health I don't allow kids in my car.