Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dr Gio Batta Gori explains why it is impossible to measure the effects of ETS on health but how results are easily corrupted and manipulated to con legislators.*

Just the other day it hit me that our Govt had been silent lately on the smoking issue with a definite roll of the tumbleweed across the barren plain of the once fertile ground of some new scientific scam.

There has been no new master plan announced, no Nanny Milton screeching about the need for some new restriction, no Bully Lansley nudging smokers further towards the healthist ideology, no TV adverts telling our family, friends and neighbours what murdering scumbags we are. No. Nothing at all until today and it's a refreshing piece of news for a change.

David Cameron has distanced himself from plans to ban adults smoking in cars with children present.

The Prime Minister, an ex-smoker, refused to support proposals which would outlaw lighting up in a vehicle containing youngsters.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, Labour MP for Stockton North Alex Cunningham claimed the vast majority of people backed such a ban, and asked the Government to support his Bill criminalising it.

Mr Cameron said "as a former smoker and someone who believes strongly in liberties", the ban on smoking in pubs "has worked".

But he added: "I am much more nervous about going into what people do inside a vehicle.

"I will look carefully at what you say, but we have to have a serious think before we take that step."

The bigoted MP Alex Cunningham believes that smokers are incapable of making their own policies on whether they smoke in cars with children present or not. But then he is a big fan of the self interest British Lung Foundation. It's petition calling for the criminalisation of smokers signed by it's own Smokerphobic supporters does not the majority of the country make.

The majority of the country wanted a say in the EU but sadly, Cameron decided the majority view didn't matter so he'd be pretty stupid to believe a mere 16,000 signatures on a petition is anything close to representing "the vast majority" wanting a ban in their own cars.

And if you cut through the crap and look at the truth the evidence simply doesn't support such a draconian and dictatorial move.

We know that only 15% of smokers will succumb to lung cancer. There are other risk factors involved that both smokers and non-smokers are exposed to. Sadly there is no money in this for the BLF so they don't figure highly in its propaganda.

Never smokers have a 17% chance of contracting lung cancer, smokers have a 20% chance of getting it but lifelong smokers have a 60% chance of falling victim to it if they are forced to quit. We also know that SHS is a scam and some scientists make up results if they are paid enough and have a strong political or ideological reason to do so.

Luckily honest scientists are coming out on other issues and we can only hope those who question the Smoke Free religion will be allowed to speak one day without fear of intimidation as applied to Prof. Rein Vose and Prof. Kamal Chaouachi. These scientists were warned that speaking at an anti-prohibition conference about the real effects of active and passive smoking would mean the loss of their jobs. They only want people to know the truth on smoking and health after all but sadly truth to Tobacco Control is an alien and dangerous concept.

A man who has worked on both sides of the war says he became disillusioned with the anti-smoker industry because it's motivation was pure greed or religious zealotry with no concern for public health at all.

He only ever wanted to stop children smoking. He never wanted the truth distorted or people who smoke persecuted and criminalised for financial gain. That's why he has joined the Pro-Choice movement and like us is neither on the side of Big Tobacco or Big Tobacco Control backed by Big Pharma.

David Cameron is right to be wary of getting dragged into the smoke free ideal as the risk of eliminating personal liberty and freedom of choice is too high a price to pay. In an alleged democracy freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of action, and freedom of thought are the founding principles and far outweigh the unproven hysteria on smoking and health.

I'd be almost impressed with the courage of the PM if he didn't go and spoil his apparent backing of personal liberty by stating that the smoking ban "has worked" and therefore stating that smokers have no right to free association in public with their own kind.

That's why this NuTory party will never get my vote and why I, along with many other people, are switching support to UKIP in vast numbers.

* The above video of Dr Gori is rather long but well worth watching. The scientist worked on a safe cigarette until the American Cancer Institute threw away harm reduction in favour of greed, corporate and Govt cash towards the smoke free aim of 2000. Dr Gori only ever wanted to reduce the harm of smoking on smokers.

If you don't want to watch the whole video, I pulled out a few selective quotes which actually do measure up, for a change, to what I have actually experienced in a lifetime of smoking.

He says :

"The opportunity for a safer cigarette was suppressed by the abolitionists ... The story of the ETS risk is without any testable support ...smoking a few cigarettes a day has no discernible risk in active smoking..."

He also says that over-restrictions on smokers is "socially unfair" and if he had been allowed to develop the safe cigarette more than 30 years ago then this wouldn't be an issue at all.

I expect to hear some louder noises coming from our Govt again soon as the anti-smoker industry begins to pile on the pressure after failing to gets its way from Cameron. It will make up yet more "evidence" that Milton and Lansley, at least, are too stupid to see through but we can only hope that Cameron is made of the metal he has given us a glimpse of today.


Crikey- Have the floodgates opened? Here is yet another link to a story about Scientific fraud.

In this case it is a US Govt agency that manipulated evidence to ensure Big Pharma kept the cash rolling in at the expense of children's health. The group that found out about this fraud is calling for the perpetrators to be prosecuted. I've been calling for criminal investigations into the con-meisters at ASH Uk in a bid to make the Dept of Health front group, and its paid for academics, to be held accountable for their twisted manipulations for ages.

No prizes for guessing that Cameron isn't likely to be that brave even though in the public interest he should grow a pair as far as this issue is concerned.