Friday, November 4, 2011


I was completely shocked to read the story of how a hospitalised smoker in Canada was forced out into Arctic temperatures where she was overcome with hypothermia and had to have amputations as a result of this cruelty.

All of those people who care so much about the health of smokers that they must force them to quit for their own good were out in force to criticise the hospital for treating someone in need of care and compassion worse than a convicted child murderer.

Or at least they would be if this was really about health and not hate as Chris Snowdon so eloquently describes over at Velvet Glove, iron fist

The swivel-eyed Govt-backed Smokerphobic fascists are out in force to make their views known about this tragic and completely unavoidable incident and it's obvious that they will only ever be appeased if smokers are treated as the undesirables in the Nazi era.

And as Chris says, govts are completely responsible for this vile state of affairs because of the billions of our cash they have poured into propaganda to create hate, fear and loathing of a group they do not want as part of their society. They have excluded us and called open season for bigots to attack us in any way they see fit.

Or as Chris puts it :

Governments have a responsibility to quell tensions and defuse conflict in society. In no other area of life does government deliberately create and inflame hostility. Like so many other failed tobacco control policies, the doctrine of denormalisation is counter-productive and damaging because it is the brain-child of a small group of emotional zealots, some of whom are operating at a sub-optimal level of mental health themselves. It's time for the government to put the tobacco control freaks behind them and chart a new course before things get really

Because our health minister Anne Milton is in the pocket of these loons at ASH Uk, and she doesn't listen to both side of this debate preferring to base policy on prejudice while encouraging hatred of smokers with untrue propaganda I thought the time had come for her to be sacked.

We need an impartial minister, male or female, smoker or non-smoker, who will talk to BOTH sides to find a solution to how we can begin to get along and someone who will look with a fair and unbiased mind at all the evidence and not just that selected by one biased group whose only purpose is to encourage hatred of a minority group in line with their zealous beliefs.

With this in mind, I have today submitted an E-Petition that reads along these lines :


Health minister Anne Milton is destroying the Govt's aim of reducing the amount of people who smoke by alienating smokers. She allows evidence to be manipulated for ideological rather than health reasons. She is too close to the political lobby group ASH uk and allows this unelected and unaccountable group to make policies of hate against smokers. Milton is not impartial. By ignoring both sides of this debate, in favour of one, she is creating real fear and misery among the UKs 15 million consumers of a legal highly taxed product who want a health minister to make fair legislation based on views from BOTH sides. Milton is in the pocket of ASH and she should go to be replaced by someone who looks at the issue fairly in the round and makes policy for smokers based not on hate, misinformation and fraudulent evidence but rather a sensible and fair approach based on real evidence to reduce smoking prevalence.

Apparently, it takes seven days for an e-petition to be reviewed and accepted. Somehow I doubt this one will be acpeted but it should. If this issue really is about health and not hate then Milton must go.

Meanwhile, if you think this E-Petition should be better worded then please leave your thoughts in the comments because if turned down, I will resubmit it until someone takes notice.