Friday, November 11, 2011

LEST WE FORGET ... inhumane humanity can be.

Today is to remember the futility of war, the deaths of those who fought for freedom as opposed to qualified freedom, and the civilian victims of such conflicts who no one stood up for until it was too late.

Never can such horror ever be allowed to happen again - even to the Palestinians - and just because the official Nazi Party no longer exists that doesn't mean the danger of race hatred and ethnic cleansing is gone.

The Israeli nation should know better than anyone about the sanctity of life and the respect of different cultures but when former PMs say things like : "The Palestinians should be crushed like grasshoppers - their heads smashed against boulders and walls..." it makes me fear that history at some near point in this modern future will be repeated somewhere in the Western world soon.

The Nazis gave nothing but hatred and puritanism to the world in terms of health and race and it is frightening to think there are nutters out there who praise Hitler's work

It is because Hitler invented the concept of SHS and set the template for modern tobacco control that I know it is evil and morally wrong. It comes from a perverted and twisted mind wracked by hatred and intolerance. It it what my grandfather and father fought against. Their lives, and those of the war dead, should not sacrificed on the bonfire of modern civil liberties for any old paid for excuse. Modern Govts should distance themselves instead of embracing any part of Nazi ideology as socially beneficial including smoke free. It never was good for anyone - ever - and never could be because it depends on socical division, exclusion and the promotion of fear and hatred to succeed.

It cannot be said with one breath that what Hitler did to the Jews and other "undesirables" was evil while saying in another that what he did to smokers was good - unless it comes from a mind that already thinks that some people deserve to be treated better than others based on who they are and what they do when it hurts no one else.

Lest We Forget - people died in harrowing circumstances to promote a brand of ideology that should be the template of all things to avoid rather than the template to rebuild society in the ideological perfect image of one of the worst butchers of humanity in modern times.