Monday, September 5, 2011


Via Belinda at F2C Scotland it seems the anti-smoker propaganda rag the so-called "Independent" reports :

The government is to launch an official consultation on removing all promotional packaging from cigarettes by the end of the year

Heh heh heh - yeah right. We all know how "public consultation" works these days don't we.

The anti-smoker industry and it's Big Pharma backed fake "charity" front groups will muscle support from among their own ranks. They will make it appear as if the "public" has spoken while carrying out a campaign using gullible journalists, like the Indy hack, to make it seem as if Big Bad Big Tobacco, and it's disorganised hacked off consumers, have somehow bought and paid for whatever support they can muster up from those little people the DoH has already dismissed as "scum."

And indeed the DoH knows exactly what it is going to do before this laughable NuConcept of "public consultation" has even been carried out.

Sources in the Department of Health said there was unlikely to be any move soon but they were keen to look at all the benefits and potential problems with a packaging ban early so it could be implemented if it was seen to work in Australia.

Oh yes, Fascist Aussie PM Julia Gillard has done so damn well it looks as if her Smokerphobia is causing her to commit Political suicide. Something the ConDems will also realise to their cost at next election as the real, grass roots, public sees no change on lifestyle health policy between them and the awful NuLabour luvvies.

It seems pretty obvious these days that no matter what party the public votes in, the DoH still rules the nation and can even force ministers who have their doubts to get on board the Smokerphobic band waggon with their scaremongering and unproven allegations.

In the past the tobacco industry has been suspected of funding campaigns fronted by small retailers to prevent further restrictions on sales.

"That was certainly what I was told when I was Health Secretary," said the former Labour minster Andy Burnham."But I have to say I never saw any proof."

Obviously not, because the alleged "proof" is only the paranoia in the minds of the DoH and it's front group ASH that was set up by Govt under the guise of the Royal College of Physicians in 1971. This was Greedy DoH chief medical officer and smokerphobic George Godber's idea to do something about tobacco when there was absolutely not one jot of grass roots support for it by any member of the public at that time. Support has been created by the lies these people have spouted to justify their funding to force through this DoH ideology.

Forest, by comparision, often called a Tobacco Industry Front Group by the Anti-smoker industry, is very much a grass roots organisation and should be the first to be on board with any public consultation.

It was set up by an ordinary member of the public who had been attacked on a railway station because of the phobia encouraged by ASH.

Thank God it gets funding from the tobacco industry which is the least the industry can do for its grass roots consumers who deserve to be heard during this scam of "consultation" but won't be.