Tuesday, September 20, 2011


New research shows kids want to be just like Fashion icon Dot Cotton

It's official. Young people are thick, stupid, and they have no idea how to make their own decisions - according to new research by yet another Smokerphobic funded University.

Bristol Uni found that young people today are too stupid to watch TV without copying the actors and actresses - no wonder they moan about Shameless and all those young people who will now follow in the footsteps of alcoholic druggie Frank Galllagher. They can't be saved. They can't help it. They can only behave and copy whatever they see on TV. The dickheads at Bristol say so and their word is holy law to the righteous believers.

Which is why the Uni - without any evidence at all - is calling for smoking to be banned in films. Personally, I'd like to see an intelligent study following child smokers and how and why they fell into it - especially those from previous generations like ours - the ones who today are being wiped from culture, history, and society and thrown to the dogs as adults.

If such a life real study could be filmed in Communist Britain for sure the real idiots, who masquerade as somehow better than the rest of us, will find that kids don't smoke because they've seen some grown up smoking on TV or in the cinema - if only today's kids could afford to go.

Crikey - I'm guessing they'll be banning Dot Cotton from smoking in Eastenders soon - a tragedy as the 88 year old actress is a lifelong, generational and cultural smoker, but somehow I doubt that she represents either a sex or fashion icon to youth - even though she has that cultural siren in her mouth - a fag.

If young people really want to model themselves on a pensioner just because she smokes, then there is going to be trend of gaberdine-bedecked, curly haired, youngsters visiting beauticians that can implant wrinkles rather than take them away

Can these so called academics really be so naive and so - well - thick - but to hide this obvious lack of intellect, they manipulate research to make young people look stupid instead to fit their propaganda aims.

If I was a young person, I'd be fuming about this piece of trash that only bigots and the narrow minded allow to pass for "research".

UPDATE 9pm : I'm in shock and may need a medic. I actually agree with the Daily Mail:

But this is not just about whether or not public health could be improved or the quality of film making impeded.
This is about liberty and truth. When images of Churchill or Brunel smoking are airbrushed there is an instinctive revulsion that evidence should be falsified in our country...But thought control is the wrong way to pursue tobacco control.

Apart from this bit of pontificating :"I don't smoke and I prefer it if others don't" , I thought it was a fair piece.