Monday, September 12, 2011


Ukip members Neil Hamilton, Jamie Corney, and Nick Smith

I really should congratulate our local branch Chairman Nick Smith who was awarded a gold medal at Conference for all his hard work over several years for the party.

Nick knew nothing about it and was shocked to be recognised in this way but it was well deserved due to the fact that he keeps the branch running, he makes sure all our paperwork is in order, and he runs himself ragged trying to get new recruits and sign up candidates to stand in all seats at elections.

His next biggest task is to find 77 people willing stand in the County Council elections and I'm sure he is determined enough to do it.

Even Nigel Farage mentioned Nick's work as a good example of how to run a branch when he gave his closing speech at Conference.

I did take a photo but it was crap (sorry Nick) but this one with Hamilton and UKIP 2010 Sleaford and North Hykeham Candidate Jamie Corney turned out well.

Nick cornered Hamilton and wanted to know why he joined the party - self interest or country? Hamilton, apparently, told him that he had been a secret member of UKIP since 2002 because he realised it was our best hope and his once beloved Tory Party no longer existed. He said he only had the best interests of the country at heart as he has been there and done that already.

Nick wasn't the only one to give Hamilton a hard time but, I'm told, the former Cash for Questions MP came across humble and contrite.

Elsewhere, former Telegraph journalist Alex Singleton has a new blog commissioned by the Daily Mail to write about UKIP.

One of his latest posts is to ask why the BBC, an alleged "impartial" and "independent of Govt" public service broadcaster did a hatchet job on UKIP, lied about the party wanting Farage to resign as leader, and highlighted old infighting that doesn't exist anymore. Never has UKIP been more united or more professional. Shame that the BBC ignored this to feature a biased article based on its own left wing prejudice.

Evidence of UKIP's support for smokers and choice was evident throughout conference including the sale of these lighters - one of which I just had to get.

UPDATE : Farage's closing speech which mentions Nick Smith