Thursday, September 8, 2011


I made it despite my doubts thanks to selling the car that I no longer need and I am now sitting in my shitty hotel ready for the UKIP conference which starts tomorrow.

I'm staying at the Savoy Court Hotel which is obviously paranoid about smokers and threatens fines of £50 on the spot for smoking. It's a damn shame it can't be deoderised with the fresh smell of aromatic tobacco because the room stinks of fresh paint and must have been recently decorated. It's sticking in my throat and making me feel sick so getting outside in the fresh air is no bad thing. The window will stay open for as long as I am here.

Still, I do object to paying for a room when most of my time will be spent outdoors. Sadly, sleeping in this chemical nightmare means that my throat which is beginning to get dry will be sore and hoarse by the time I wake tomorrow.

I will be going out for a meal soon and I really hope the stench of this paint clears or the food will taste like Dulux too.

I hope to be able to blog from conference - at least at the end of each day if not moment by moment or speech by speech - unless I get too drunk of course which is not like me but then I am in a strange land and not really welcome at my hotel so I'll need to stay out as long as possible.

My mind about not coming to conference was made up until our branch chairman phoned at the last minute to see if I'd had a change of heart and, well, thanks to the car sale, the offer of a free lift was too good to turn down.

However, it meant that I wasn't able to ring around as much as I usually do to ensure the hotel I stay in does welcome smokers and I had to plump for the one I got in a last minute deal and hope for the best. We all know that hope in NuBritain is pretty futile and built around "give us your money and fuck off."