Saturday, September 3, 2011


I stomped off into the garden to pick 5lb of plums after writing below about the latest piece of anti-smoker politicking to make me see red. It gave me time to think and calm down a bit and a job for the afternoon preparing fruit for jam.

My plums are greengages like Leg Iron has in his garden. They've been soaking in sugar for hours and now ready to boil down.

Hours have been spent this summer by me and my other half foraging in nearby woods for anything we can pick. In addition to red and yellow cherry and plum jam, we've set red and yellow cherry, elderberry, plum, sloe and damson wine and bottled lilac that was set two years ago. The taste is just strong - like brandy or whisky.

I also thought it was about time I got myself some tobacco seeds after watching Leg Iron's success at growing and I hope the order has gone through as I just don't get paypal but at least the firm has a phone number so I can always check on my order the old fashioned way.

New demands on plain packaging can only create a dangerous and organised black market and a greater chance of fake tobacco getting into shops. You'd think the Govt would realise what a dumb idea they are forcing onto us. Ah well, as long as the anti-smoker industry can keep throwing money in to clean up the mess they make then I can rest assured with my own home grown supply that I will no longer contribute to the insanity.

If my seeds arrive soon, I'll grow one plant indoors over autumn and winter and then if all goes well with growth, harvest, and taste, I'll look at getting a greenhouse full next spring and some sort of crop rotation going.

For now I'd better get back to my plums and get that jam boiled.