Sunday, September 11, 2011


Me and the hotel I stayed in during Conference at Eastbourne got off on the wrong foot when I walked into the room and was faced with notices that smokers would face an on the spot fine of £50 if there was any evidence that they had smoked in the room.

I thought maybe I was being a bit harsh and looking for the bad such as a lumpy bed that made me wake up with cramps in my feet, a smoking area outside that seemed impossible to access easily, the smell of paint that did make my throat sore, and even the fact that it smelled of curry which I assumed drifted up from the Indian restaurant downstairs which was part of the hotel.

And then as I packed to leave on the last morning, I checked the drawers to be sure I hadn't put anything in them, and I found the curry pictured above hidden in one of them by what I assume to be the previous tenant.

The hotel has emailed me to say that they enjoyed having me and would I write a review. Hmmm - I'm not sure they'd want it.

However, as I was informed that only THREE hotels in the whole of Eastbourne offered smokers' rooms, then I think I might just write to the Eastbourne Tourist board instead pointing out that the law does not apply to private rooms in a hotel so it could be permitted, that smokers are not keen to stay in a town that does not have facilities for them, and that it would be a damn good idea to at least promote those three hotels that do welcome smokers so they know where they can find that home from home while away.