Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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Interesting news today from the Telegraph which reports how the Labour Party's membership has fallen to the same levels it had in 1900 when it began.

It's interesting to note that the biggest exodus of former party members was in 2007 - I wonder what could have happened in that year to turn off so many core supporters?

Total Labour membership fell by nearly 6,000 during 2007, the year Gordon Brown replaced Mr Blair as leader. It is believed to have gone on falling during the first half of this year too.

I just wish that these so called political commentators would wake up to the impact of the smoking ban on their support. To be honest, I had high hopes when Brown came along because he wasn't Tony Bliar and I had hoped he would be what he said he would be - honest and without spin - but then that was just spin wasn't it.

The smoking ban was the single cause that turned me against my father and grandfather's party of choice and heaped upon that grievance was the fact that Labour would just not listen to the concerns of smokers.

And it looks like support is draining away from the Tories too who are blindly following Labour's anti-smoker policies.

I wonder where that lost support from both parties is going. Certainly not to the irrelevant Limp Dumps who have let just about everybody down.

There really are none so blind as those who can't see and they will suffer for it.