Saturday, September 3, 2011


Big Tobacco salesman with his new customers

Well, well, well. It looks like the Big Pharma front groups are trying to cover their arses by using their pet journalist at a second rate paper to sprinkle false accusations because the Tobacco Industry wants to see documents from its secret meetings with the DoH to see just how much it has lied to Govt over the last few years - particularly with a view to stealing the industry's trade mark so that it can boost sales for it's pharmacuetical paymasters.

When under pressure the smoker hating fake charities and Big Pharma funded political lobbyists just lie to any old gullible smokerphobic hack already prejudiced in their view. And The Independent calls itself impartial? Heh heh heh. The secret's out about this propaganda rag that employs a reporter in the pocket of the anti-smoker industry.

The thoroughly researched article free advertisement for the liars at ASH desperate to hide their jiggery pokery manipulations, junk science, and down right Public Relation frauds inspired to create hatred of a minority group, shows that The Independent is working really hard at losing itself even more sales.

Alex Deane from from Big Brother Watch appears to be the main focus of the libellous article. I hope he sues.

By implication, the ASH press release that also mentions vaguely "other lobbyists" implies that socially excluded, outcast, and slandered people like myself who waste far too much trying be heard on blogs such as this by people who rarely listen, are also in the pay of this mythical invention of ASH "The multi-billion pound, evil tobacco industry that captures children in cages like the freak in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

What a shame ASH's pet hack didn't bother to seek both sides of this. If he had, then he'd know that just about all of us are ordinary people, mainly skint, trying to turn back this flood of fradulent information because of what is at stake - the freedom to be left alone in peace without harassment, the right of property owners not to have what is rightfully theirs stolen by Govt, for the country to once again employ and promote those critical aspects of a decent society - tolerance and choice - and to call for truly impartial and independent research on smoking and health, particularly in relation to lifelong smokers who began in childhood and continue into old age because they are skeptical of ASH's model of "one size fits all."

This new "expose" *snigger* fed to The Independent by ASH reveals just how desperate they are. I can't wait for the details of their secret meetings with the DoH to come into the public domain. It is time for everyone to see just how deep their prejudices run, how flawed their "science" is and just how much MORE money they have at their disposal than what has become "Little" Tobacco fighting for the right of its consumers attacked and denormalised by a direct competitor who uses ASH to promote its unhealthy products including the killer drug Champix.

Frank Davis probably explains this better than me about how this mythical Big T organsied resistance is nothing more than Anti-smoker hysteria and panic. We are not organised. We are simply indivuduals hacked off at the lies at our expense and we want the balance of fairness and truth redressed.