Wednesday, September 14, 2011


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When are "bad" drugs "good"? When Big Pharma pushes them rather than illegal cartel drug barons or the legal tobacco industry.

We know that the Pharmaceutical industry is corrupt and doesn't give a flying fig about health. It's primary and only concern is profit and if children in the Third World are too poor to pay for life saving drugs then Big P simply won't provide them.

That's why every single anti-smoker organisation in the UK that is snuggled up in bed with Big P - including ASH - and several UK universities are not in it for health reasons but for cash and jobs.

Early medical "researchers"

Even the hallowed and saintly Stirling University admits it is dependent on Big P because most of its students now have careers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agricultural industries.

I don't see how they are much better than those who work in the tobacco industry myself and certainly their morals at taking this dirty money are questionable.

Of course tobacco is a natural medicinal herb but Big P and its academic lackeys malign it as a drug to slander tobacco consumers as addicts and push custom towards Big P. They cover the lie with Frankenstein science because they cannot openly admit after years of untruths that tobacco does indeed contain therapeutic qualities.

I know that I'd rather rely on nature than an unnatural manipulation of nature but each to his or her own - if only we were allowed to make our lifestyle choices without fear or favour.

It does suit Big P and its servants scientists to create a nation of hypochondriacs and phobics to keep the huge profits rolling in but I honestly and sincerely doubt that their motives are altruistic or based on any real concern about health - just as they were not in the days when snake oil salesmen pushed their useles wares.

I'd like to think that Govt is finally waking up to the con bearing in mind that Nanny Milton is trying hard to distance herself from ASH but I simply don't believe her.

ASH is not a grass roots organisation and never has been. It was set up by Govt and is a Govt quango in reality that masquerades as a "charity" so we are really not that easily fooled Ms Milton.

The only way that you can prove to us that you are not smokerphobic or biased in running the DoH is to stop all funding to the anti-smoker industry and lay off the Tobacco Industry, its law abiding consumers, and all the associated businesses with it - including the small vending machine salesmen, paid less than researchers at Stirling, now out of work and on the dole thanks to your Govt's stupidity in following the damaging economic policies of your predecessors in Labour.

Tobacco should be regulated and is. Over regulation in favour of its direct competitors at Big Pharma is obscene and would be unlawful if such methods of putting legal industry out of business was directed at any other lawful product.

UPDATE : I just saw this and wonder how on earth the author expects us to believe it and how he can state, with a straight face, that :

R.W. undertakes research and consultancy for, and has received travel funds and hospitality from, companies that develop and manufacture smoking cessation medications. He has a share in a patent for a novel nicotine delivery device.

Sorry, but here is direct evidence of an alleged "scientist" who depends on his own personal fortune by harassing smokers and propagating untruths.

If this man really "cared" about smokers damaging their health then he would be active in his cause for free like just about every single pro-choice warrior. He's obviously in it for the money. Don't believe a word.