Friday, September 30, 2011


A couple of people have notified me of offensive anti-smoker ads that are appearing on this blog.

I kind of expected the usual anti-smoking sort when i decided to pimp the blog but didn't expect them to be nasty.

I just spotted one myself that read : "Ex-smokers smell better" and another sponsored by the EU "Ex-smokers are unstoppable."

I have managed to get rid of the side bar of ads but working out how to get rid of the box that appears under the top post may take me longer.#

Bear with me, normal service will resume asap.

UPDATE - uh oh - I did block the url but it keeps coming back. Not good, not good at all. It might have to result in drastic action...

... and while I'm on technical problems, can anyone tell me if they can see my images on this blog? Those of my own including those that are downloaded have all disappeared and been replaced by a white exclamation mark inside a black triangle.

Perhaps it's time to move blog space.