Monday, September 26, 2011


Grrrrrrr - Facebook has suspended my account.

They tell me it's because I haven't entered a date of birth. I might have put in a false one which seemed a sensible move to avoid ID theft given that just about everything about me to clone my identity is on FB except for my real DoB just to confuse any would be hacker.

This happened immediately after I joined a group that called for all Facebookers to move to over to Google+ which I did last week anyway after FB's new template. I'm not against it and find it quite useful now with so many friends but I thought it would be interesting to see what Google+ has to offer.

Readers of this blog who are also friends with my "Patsy Nurse" suspended profile, please find me as "Normal Mum" and I hope once again to share my posts and blog pieces with you in a networking manner.

Or join Google+, look for Pat Nurse and find the Pirate.