Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Via Anna Racoon's blog it seems that when a serious question is asked of David Cameron by one of his MPs, he just laughs it off and diverts the answer.

As much as I dislike Nadine Dorries, because of her smokerphobic views and support for the demise of the pub because she can't be arsed to wash her clothes anymore now that smokers are banned, I do think she asked a relevant question.

The LimpDumps are in the minority and shouldn't be dictating policy. No one voted for that. They should be there in an advisory capacity and that's all. Decisions should be Dave's but he's either too left wing or too disinterested to care how much influence the Dumps have on policy.

And I'm sorry but if the tax payers are funding the privileged lifestyles of these so called representatives of ours, then I would expect them to behave a little more dignified when sitting in Parlt.

Jeering cajoling, heckling, and making jokes at the expense of others just shows them all up as a bunch of yobs.

My guess is that Cameron doesn't care about policy because he doesn't make it and neither does the Limp Dumps. That is down to Herman Van Rompouy and his bought and paid for allies in the EU like Baroness Ashton who gets paid far too much to screw Britain over and by pass our elected Govt in favour of her mates in the exclusive EU select club.