Saturday, September 24, 2011


Quangos call them RIP Cigarettes (Reduced Ignition Propensity) because they're taking the piss but we refuse to acknowledge that spiteful tag and call them LIP Cigarettes (Lower Ignition Propensity) instead.

Legal consumers are being forced to buy a contaminated product.

I've never been a conspiracy theorist but the sheer stupidity of our so-called leaders, in whatever idiotic ministerial department has ordered us to smoke these so called fire safe cigarettes without consulting us, makes me think there must be more to this than meets the eye.

As the graphic shows above, the alleged "fire safe cigarettes" are not fire safe at all. And the number of house fires caused by a burning cigarette doesn't justify making a risky product far more lethal by the addition of a host of new and unnecessary chemicals.

Could it be that they have other reasons? Perhaps they just want to make cigarettes taste foul to further reduce a legal industry's adult consumers in the social engineering quest to destroy that industry.

Could it also be that that they so fed up that most smokers don't die young proving their health scares wrong that they must make the product as dangerous as they have been saying for generations that it is?

Let's not forget that before even one single study on the fraudulent Second Hand Smoke issue was done in 1970, America decided to create a smoke free world by the year 2000 and other countries jumped aboard the vision. Our leaders pandered to the smokerphobics who, whether they realised it or not, had evolved from white supremists and Temperance zealots.

The only study or biological test done by that time was painting tar on mice to give them cancer. I used to believe that one - the tobacco companies made themselves targets when they denied it and funded cover ups. They've paid dearly for that monumental bad response and the general public has believed every anti-smoker lie directed at them and their consumers ever since.

Many are familiar with how George Godber - who founded ASH Uk behind the then DoH's front group of surgeons - reluctantly agreed there was no evidence on passive smoking to say it caused any harm to anyone else - but the general public must be made to believe it did becausee that the was the only way this ideological smoke free world could be achieved.

Revolting new tests have recently been done where known tobacco carcinogens have been directly applied to removed human fetal lung tissue to bolster the imaginary but dangerous phobia of Third Hand Smoke because the myth of passive smoking hasn't worked to make the smoke-free dream a reality yet.

Over at the F2C blog, someone was appalled that the tobacco companies had not informed their consumers about this lethal new chemical addition to their product that the Govt demands they inhale. I suspect that the reason tobacco firms can't highlight this new threat is because they are not allowed to communicate with their customers by law. The image below summarises the regulatory rules they must adhere to when trying to sell their product.

My guess is that if smokers contact the makers of their favourite brand, much information will be given to enable a decision on whether to quit or switch from Govt contaminated cigarettes to something less harmful.

You might also want to write to your MP pointing out that the easiest way to make current cigarettes fire safe is to take out the chemical that doesn't exist in cigarette rolling papers. I have a very long letter to write to mine about LIP cigarettes and other punishments planned for smokers who won't quit.

Rumour has it that cigarette rolling papers are not effected by this new state interference. If they are effected, then I'll find ways to find my own source of paper to go with the natural tobacco I'm growing in hope of my own future, safe, supply.