Friday, May 27, 2011


As we are simply the parents of our children it would appear we have no rights to decide that our kids should not be force fed ideological propaganda especially if they are in state schools.

My tolerant never smoking sister was recently very concerned at the reaction of her son after he witnessed a heinous crime. She said :

I met son off the train yesterday. He took me to one side and asked if we should tell the authorities something really bad had happened on the train. Had he been approached by a paedo, or seen someone stabbed or trespassing on the line? I was really worried. But no - apparently someone was smoking. Who says the propaganda doesn't work!!!

I said I hoped that she'd told her son that the crime he witnessed was against the smoker by a tyrannical Govt that would divide communities by lies, propaganda and misinformation to set one half against the other.

She told me it was a great concern :

The trouble is that the propaganda gets through stronger than the other stuff. If people want to know why a non smoker supports the pro smoking lobby look no further. any other group and it would be an "ism" and illegal.

I should have corrected her because as far as I am aware, the only representation made to Govt, the authorities and the public is freedom of choice and an end to the hate crime against smokers. Not one smoker I know actually promotes the act of smoking to others but rather their right to be left alone to smoke in peace without harassment.

Instead, I said she had to educate her son about Fascism, why it is dangerous and why anti-smokerism is Fascism. I said his generation is the future and they must learn not to hate because the Govt tells them to. I said to tell him that the next time he sees a smoker he should say he supports his right to choose to smoke in a separate cabin because it is the fair way.

One of the most cruel aspects of the anti-smoker fascists is that they are working to turn families and friends against smokers in a bid to isolate us from society even further. I'd hate it if my nephew grew up as an intolerant Nazi who hates me because of what the bigots have drilled into him.

He is 14 and well brainwashed by now and because my sister doesn't smoke, she had no idea what they were putting into her son's head. They tried it on my son when he was 8. He came home crying after his teacher told him I was going to die because I smoked. I came fourth in the mum's race that year at school sports (I would have done better but one mum cheated!)

My son's been on the side of choice ever since and especially now he is almost 18 and can see his beloved computer games are the next on Nanny's list of things to ban on false information from yet another fake charity.

That experience taught my son to continually question propaganda. I'm pleased I was able to control what he learned about smoking. I don't think that would be possible today. Incidentally, he chose not to smoke.

My three daughters went through school when information on smoking was just that. Information. It was NuLabour's scandalous TV ads that got to my nephew - especially the smoking baby. He was too young to understand how the film had been edited to achieve an effect, how the Govt paid £350 million for those adverts which aimed to pervert the truth to achieve it's ideological aim of a smoke free country, or how many of them were rapped by the Advertising Standards Agency as "misleading."

Now that my sister realises how corrupted her son has been by the state, she tells me she will be having a talk with him and bring him round here for a cuppa while I fill him in on some truths and tell him that there really are two sides to every story.