Saturday, May 14, 2011


This group of British soldiers would be turning in their graves to think they fought for a better way of life and were rewarded by a cradle to grave National Health Service which two generations later was turned into a selective organisation that only treats the wealthy and healthy.

It seems that the bully Tories do plan to privatise it and ensure their rich supporters don't have to fund the poor through their taxes since previous Govts stole our NI to fund the anti-smoker industry among other wasteful enterprises.

The generation that fought in WW2 agreed to pay NI for the National Health Service and all was well, if not perfect, until NuLabour came in, moved to the US model and changed the service to become the NHS - an organisation more concerned with squandering our good money on seminars, performance management workshops, and junkets rather than the altruistic care for the sick which should be it's main purpose.

Now it is being selective on who it will treat and who it will not there really isn't any point to it.

RIP The National Health Service. Nye Bevan was a great man but his innovative, truly social idea, was corrupted by the later generation of Nulabour - Hewitt, Johnson, Flint et al - wearing Old Tory clothes. It is soon to be a completely private venture formed by the Eton thieves who plan to crush the last vestiges of "care" it offers.

Now it's each man or women for themselves. I hope I don't get sick. With no where to turn, I'll probably die of something that could easily have been avoided like millions of others who can't afford the NuNHS in future.