Sunday, May 8, 2011


There's a great piece over at the Angry Exile on the efforts by tobacco control to make sure people keep smoking and one can only imagine it's because it gives them something to do to earn the billions in cash they steal from the tax payer.

It seems The swaztika No Smoking signs actually trigger a desire to smoke. And I thought it was just so that Nazi organisations in the Anti-Smoker industry could make a few quid from blotting urban and rural landscapes with their constant fly-posting.

According to Dr Carl Phillips Tobacco Control is so fed up with us pesky smokers spoiling their wet dream of a smoke free world with truth about smoking, and the futility of such nonsense as plain packaging, that they have to research how to lie well to further their ideology to ensure Govts continue to ignore us.

They've been trolling news forums to spy and pick up reasoned view from smokers and have then used our money on figuring out how best to discredit us.

Or as Carl succinctly puts it :

In tobacco control studying concerns with proposals is like entomologists studying the preferences of bugs in order to better kill them. ...

When everyone who disagrees with your worldly goal just needs to be hunted down and defeated, it sure must be easy to do "research".

Carl's piece also highlights how Tobacco Control is pushing the idea of a Tobacco Use Disorder - yep - that's right. The next generation is to grow up believing people who smoke are mentally ill.

Tobacco Control is taking us socially backwards. They remind me of those nutters who used to say being gay was a mental illness or a disease. It looks like zealotry is still around in central politics but they've changed their target for hate and the bigots who back them can't even see it.

The sign above is a good example of how the anti-smokers are trying to shift their own traits on to the smoker good guys. They employ fascism to enforce their particular ideology onto others and they make up words to describe anyone who opposes it like "denialism".

Smokers do not harm anyone else. If their choice to enjoy smoking tobacco is seen as genocide by the anti-smoker industry, and its followers and believers, then Tobacco Control is a willing accomplice in hastening the smoker's end. It has no right to take the moral high ground and Govts across the world are doing their people a very grave and dangerous disservice by giving it any authority.