Saturday, May 14, 2011


Dads smoke too

At face value it looks like fascist Australia is the first to to discriminate against smoker parents.

In this case the country's bigoted judges are taking children from loving mums and giving them to bigoted dads who complain their ex partners are unfit to be parents because they enjoy smoking.

It is terrifying to think that the country is breeding a new generation of Nazis who are being taught to hate one particular lifestyle group and see them as inadequate human beings.

British smoker mums wake up. Your children could be next especially as our corrupt Govt is in the pocket of the anti-smoker industry and to ensure it keeps getting Big Pharma pay-offs, it will move towards this kind of discrimination against loving parents.

First the state favours a non-smoker parent and next it will favour the state over two-smoker parent families.

Is this really what you want? If so just keep voting Conservative. No doubt Big Bully Lansley will see taking kids from smoker parents as a great wheeze to force us down to 18.5% is five years time when the next step towards criminalisation of smokers is taken.

And this latest move comes from a state whose institutions have abused kids for the last 80 years

Sickening isn't it - unless you're fascist that doesn't care about kids other than how you can use them to achieve your own ends of a final solution for those humans you despise.