Saturday, May 21, 2011


Not much to say here really except the title and to reproduce my thoughts and comments as they have appeared on FB

My fight is almost over

by Patsy Nurse on Saturday, 21 May 2011 at 13:39

I am so, so, so close to hitting "delete" on my blog and all efforts to date to fight the unjust denormalisation of people who enjoy something that they are told they are no longer allowed to enjoy. It's bad enough when you fight the other side but sometimes those who let you down the most are those who claim to be standing firm by your side. It's enough to make you want to quit smoking and I just might. It will kill me but who wants to live in this NuWorld of selfish puritans anyway? Not Me!
Join my protest on July 2 - it will be my one and only and last and then I'll disappear into obscurity, delete this FB account and then begin to live a more contented life, underground, away from the vile, vile selfish idiots who are ruining the future of my children and grandchildren. So many millions of lives wasted in two world wars to fight for the freedom of of those who have no idea what it means.

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Mick Walker Nah, don't do that. Take a walk with your man, enjoy the day, enjoy life. enjoy a smoke. Lay down in a field and look at the sky ... you are who you are and always will be and think of the good things in your life.
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Bill Gibson There is far too much going on right now, much of which is outside of of our control to influence the result ... but there are some surprises around the corner.
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Patsy Nurse Yeah - you are so right, Mick Walker. Surrender is sweet and I'll give up and smell the fresh air rather than the poison put forward by both pro-choice and smokerphobes. I think I'll join the Labour Party, campaign vociferously for them an...See more
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Christopher Lees It gets you like that as I damn well know. Do what you feel is right for you and yours. You have won, you just don't know it yet..
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Justine Hawkins Agreed Mick. Just got a link with Reggae name generator. l am Sista Rita, Patsy is Ganja Rose and Mick is Bredda Bassy. Funny for a Sunny day! xxx
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Justine Hawkins Now get off the damn computer and catch some rays! x
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Bill Gibson I cannt comment further but a result is not that far away ... if you feel so strongly about it, go out have a ciggie in a prohibited area , get a ticket then go to court & fight your case. It will be 4 years in August since Chris Carter did just that and is now within touching distance of upsetting the odds.
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Bill Gibson Time that you started real reserach into Constitutional matters and the legality of the Smokefree Legislation.
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Patsy Nurse I don't think the law matters when applied to smokers or legal tobacco companies. They have already broken so many by just twisting the goal posts and tweaking what is legal to make it illegal. Frankly, I've got to the point of believing it when I see it and not until.
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Bill Gibson Forget the subject of smoking, it is clouding your thought process .. start looking outside of the box
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Patsy Nurse If I forget the subject of smoking then it's over for me. Thanks Bill. That's decided it. I am denormalised. I quit!
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Bill Gibson Fine, but you will miss all the fun
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Bill Gibson As I have said, look outside of the box as the impending result will have real consequences with regard to the Lisbon Treaty as well.
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Patsy Nurse Fun? I can't say there has been much of that to date. Abuse aplenty is all I've had so I must have been mixing in different circles.

That's all I have to say. I'll watch with interest what happens but my guess is Fuck All As Usual!