Thursday, May 5, 2011


Nick Smith, Lincoln and Gainsborough UKIP branch chairman with Karl McCartney, Lincoln Cons MP, and another bloke nicked from The Lincolnite which gives an excellent blow by blow account of what happened at tonight's local election in Lincoln.

Sadly, NuLabour won control of the council back by two seats and so we're in for another couple of years of hell.

The make up now is 15 NuConservatives, one Illiberal democrap and 17 Tyrants. If the one sitting libdem's seat was up for re-election this time, I think she would have lost it. All in all, however, they didn't do too badly and beat UKIP in six seats although not by much and we kicked their ass in three.

Yours Truly got the grand total of 151 votes. The TUC Against Cuts got 121, the Libdems got 236 (ouch) the Cons 619 and Lab 1052.

There were a few spoiled ballots in my ward and about five premature AVaculations. Some voters put candidates in order of preference, apparently thinking tonight was the night AV began rather than the night we voted on it. The returning officer said case law dictated they couldn't be taken into account. Turnout was just over 36%

I have no idea yet how I've done in North Kesteven where I'm also a candidate for a seat but no doubt I'll find out tomorrow unless it comes on TV soon.

Overall, it's been a great night for UKIP and a great election campaign. We learned a lot, got more professional and more interest in what we are doing and what we stand for.

Overall we got more votes than we've ever had and we had candidates standing in all wards. As soon as our feet touch normal again, we will be having a debriefing session to discuss how we can do even better next time.

* Oh No. I just heard. Coun Carl Mimms has lost his seat. Poor Hull. A City in joint suffering with the heavy spectre of Labour oppression ahead. Are the people of this country stark raving mad? Hopefully by next year they will have learned the error of their ways and turn back to voting for decent folk. Carl was definitely one of the good guys.