Monday, May 16, 2011


Some time ago I wrote about Tony Corley's search for justice after his son was shot dead and then murderers were set free because of police law breaking.

What happened and why is detailed here and it seems the European Court of Human Rights has everything to do with it and why it went so wrong.

Tony and his wife also spoke about it here at the time and how the trauma of losing a son in such a violent and cruel manner was made worse by police incompetence and lazy investigations.

His book More Questions Than Answers details the family fight for justice from learning of their son's awful death to seeing five people walk away from court sneering at the Corley's grief.

Now it is 11 years since Mark was killed. The police team that messed the case up has gone and so has the former Chief Constable. Tony thinks now is the right time to search for new witnesses.

"There may be people out there who are now willing to come forward or who may have seen something then that they thought insignificant at the time but now realise is of importance," he said.

"Until Mark's killers are brought to justice I cannot rest. People have said to me that they understand but unless they've lost a child in this way they can only imagine what it's like. Others tell me to get over it and move on but how can I when I've stood in the spot where he was killed, I've seen people arrested and then seen them walk free because a judge has given preference to their human rights over that of Mark and my family?"

Tony gets some comfort from the SAMM organisation which includes members like Sarah Payne whose daughter was murdered by a paedophile and he set up Stand Together to help those parents whose kids were taken but no justice was ever received. It seems there are far too many cases of that sort.

With no police help, Tony is turning to the public for information that he can then take back to police and demand the case be reopened.

If you can help, contact Tony HERE

There is also a Facebook group that gives more information.