Monday, May 9, 2011


I've been waiting for confirmation from UKIP head office about the win that the NW Cambridgeshire branch of UKIP has released that it has taken control of Ramsey Town Council with nine UKIP councillors elected and four onto the Norwich North Council.

All I've managed to find is this news that UKIP has taken one seat at Tunbridge Wells.

Due to the lack of updates on Ukip.Org which has posted a piece about how some of the party's younger members did, I've been looking around for confirmation of this astounding result without success.

It is a fact that our press is biased and is currently pushing the idea that Britain has gone back to being a two party spolitical system after the collapse of the LibDem vote so it might just be that these alleged "impartial" journalists didn't want to feature our party's success in the same way that they couldn't be bothered to even mention that yesterday marked a milestone in our history

The result of the stunning win at Ramsey has been posted on Facebook so until I hear differently, and as I am assured this is true, I'll stick my neck out, post up the results, and say congratulations to all involved. One council today - next year many more as the word gets out that UKIP is the ONLY alternative to the LabCon (perhaps the Lib aspect doesn't figure anymore).

Ramsey Town Council

Name Of Candidate Description No. Of votes

BADCOCK, Matthew Charles 921
BROWN, Richard John Independent 732
BROWN, Robert Hamilton UKIP 1028
CLARKE, Jeffrey Richard 972
COSTELLO, Adela Eva 879
CUNNINGHAM, Brian Ronald 697
CURTIS, Ian James UKIP 1405
DUFFY, Lisa Ann UKIP 1078
FINNIE, James UKIP 1011
HEPBURN, Beverley Dawn UKIP 1028
HORWOOD, Michael Alan UKIP 974
JACKSON, Madeleine Ann Independent 731
LAVENDER, Anthony James 966
MCFADYEN, Robert Allan 600
REEVE, Peter David UKIP 1476
REEVE, Shirley Joy UKIP 1059
SWALES, Phillip Andrew 870
TAYLOR, Patricia Jane 954
TEW, Michael UKIP 941
WALKER, Ian Keith Independent 785

It is now confirmed on the Huntingdonshire Council website Download the list on the right headed Town and Parish Councils May 2011.

Yaaaaayyyyy! Ukip on the up for sure - the Third Party of British politics.