Monday, May 2, 2011


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"Can I get a female guard out here, need to evict a female who won't stop smoking".

This is quite old but I just found it on Dick Puiddlecote's site after reading how country after country works against their citizens wishes in line with rewards from the anti-smoker Big Pharma industry that has bought out the souls of former charities.

But read Cherie's story about how law abiding people are being targeted by State Bullies in Australia and ask yourself - is life there really so different from Nazi Germany or the hell that was the EUSSR? Is this kind of heavy handed approach to be encouraged? Is your particular habit, pleasure, enjoyment, likely to be a future target? How many steps are we towards meeting all of the criteria for fascist as listed in the image above?

We might not have fraudulent elections yet but we do have fraudulent studies, fraudulent stats and Govt controlled opinion polls and media.

Cherie describes below what life is like in Fascist Aus :

"Didn't know quite where to leave this comment, but just had to leave it somewhere. I have just come home from a Blondie/Pretenders concert at Kings Park in Perth (Western Australia) "A night on the Green", they call it.

Here's what transpiered: I presumed the concert was quite possibly "smoke free" as that's been advertised a lot lately, along with the increased bans re parks, beaches, outdoor areas in general. Anyhoo, I managed a few hours in before I just had to have a fag break - walked about 200 metres away from the crowd to an open area downwind, on my own.

Noticed a security guy out of the corner of my eye sitting up on the hill a bit, and thought "oh, go on, just try me". So I walked on even further away, and lit up. Sure enough up he came to me, saying I couldn't smoke there. I said "Why?", he said "It's a smoke free event" and I said "That's why I've moved away from the event". He said "have to go over there", which was the other side of the event and about a 1/2 hour walk there and back to where I was seated (lawn area - outdoor event remember). So I said, look, I'm about done, just talk with me for another minute and it'll all be over. Oh, by the way, I also pointed out and showed him that I had my personal ashtry and was not a litterer or fire bug, I just needed a quick fag. He was a reasonable person, and quite obviously did not know what to say, so it was all over and I headed back to my friends.

About 2.5 hours later into the event, I was pretty gagging again by this stage and headed out again to whence I went before. HITLER came at me!!! I was confronted with such animosity by a security "guy", who went at it full-on like I'd just bloody murdered someone, to the stage that he ended up right in my face (an inch from it) - full-on agressive.

When confronted by him, my response was "Why", he said "It's a smoke free event" and I reiterated what I'd said to the first guy, that that's why I was nowhere near the people, but he was just an agressive jerk and I oculd not let it go. I absolutely refuse to be dictated to by the Nazis.

He said "It's sponsered by Healthways", like they are god or something and it should mean somethig - I said "Yeah, they're the bloody Nazi's I'm talking about!!". He decided he was having me kicked out, and wire'd through "Can I get a female guard out here, need to evict a female who won't stop smoking".

I was just like, "Bring it on". She arrived in abougt 30 seconds, said politely to me "Could you please put your smoke out" and I said "Yes, certainly, since you asked nicely" (and since I was practically done). In the meantime, guy No. 1 had come up as well, and I said that at least he was nice about it! And Hitler spun round to Guy No. 1 saying, "Did you let her smoke?!" and before he could answer I said "No, he didn't, but he was nice about it" - thought the least I could do was not dump him in it since he was just doing his job.

Long story short is that female security guard and Guy No. 1 were reasonable, logical human beings, Nazi, on the other hand, was exactly that, which I helpfully pointed out to him - "My bloody grandfather DIED fighting for my right to the freedom to do this, I'll be f*cked if I'm going to let some f*cken hitler come and take that away".

This has me riled to the core. Alcohol, shit food, loud music at the event - all abosolutely fine and encouraged by HEALTHWAYS, but god forbid if you walk 200 metres away from anyone, downwind in a park (which, might I just mention, has a statue of my Great,Great Uncle, Sir John Forrest - first Premier of Western Australia - featured in the entrance, by god) on a hillside above the river,sea breeze well and truly in (windy as fuck), and quietly have a quick smoke. Jesus F'en Christ."

25 November 2010 16:13

Fight Fascism - Fight the Anti-Smokers and Lifestyle Police.