Friday, May 20, 2011


Sorry for my absence of late but I've been rather involved in an office clear out which is well overdue and is by no means finished yet.

I've unearthed trash from forgotten drawers and pondered over documents I've kept for years - some going back as far as 1992 - but I've been strong and decided to chuck them rather than hang on to them. As I can't recall them all just a couple days after chucking them out, then that is evidence in itself that I haven't needed them and still don't.

Most things I need to find can be gained on the internet these days and so the mounds of paperwork had to go. What I've kept is some historical articles on such things as the early Chinese imitator magicians, the history of our Civic Insignia including Hermit's Hoof, and the first ever supplements trying to sell to Lincoln the idea that it needs it's own University. I may report on some of that when I come back to daily blogging in about a week.

Now my office feels really spacious and I can breathe as if I quit smoking several years ago but with the sunshine streaming through the office window comes that overwhelming desire to decorate so everything is going to be shut down while I strip paper, plaster more up, and give the walls a lick of paint and try not to inhale the harmful chemicals from that particular environmental pollutant.

Then I'm going back to fiction as my journalism work contracts have ended and I'm committed to just one day per week on court reporting in Bostonia - the Lincolnshire centre of Eastern Europe.