Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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Tea and cigarettes is still my favourite combination despite news that smoking and coffee is good to stave off Parkinson's Disease.

Unfortunately, the self-interest "scientists" (and I use that term loosely), have no idea what it's like to be a smoker, or how smoking affects people who smoke. They imagine in their heads, based on the years of misinformation and fraudulent junk studies, what it's like based on what they have been fed by previous "research" - a term over used to give credence to trash which could just as easily be made up by my over imaginative four year old grand daughter.

But then I've come to the conclusion that nearly all of this health scaremongering is complete and utter tosh especially given the new piece of junk science research that says Obesity harms fatties and others around them

Now that the hate campaign against smokers has been legitimised it is a natural next step for the fascists to look for the next target for public humiliation and social exclusion and this latest piece of made up fiction takes a sinister turn. The lie of passive smoking has now been reframed to enable what will no doubt be future social exclusion of fatties. They should be prosecuted not given cash for fraudulent "research" and "science".

Frankly on these issues "science" should be banned and not the selective groups it targets to make Big Pharma richer and allow these so called "scientists" to profit from the misery they are creating for law abiding people who just want to be left alone to live their lives without fear or prejudice.

Of course they use the excuse that they "just want to save lives". I'd believe it if they didn't excuse all of the lives lost from drugs pushed at them by Big Pharma lackeys like ASH UK

The bigoted Clive Bates from that organisation says it's OK for people to die from smoking cessation drugs "because most of these people would have died anyway". It would quite laughable if his ignorance wasn't so serious. For an organisation that scrounges public money so that its leaders can stuff their faces with health foods, he shouldn't be prepared to excuse the drugs that he pushes that kill them like Zyban and Champix.

This hypocritical and socially damaging ideology has wrecked our long held British social tradition of meeting in a pub, the civilised ambience of eating out, choice, freedom and democracy and even though there are calls for the Govt to step in and save our pubs it isn't going to happen because getting rid of the traditional British pub is part of this NuSocial engineering project of which ASH is the head.

What the issue of smoking certainly needs is more balanced voices and an open mind and fair Govt that is willing to listen to all sides of the debate and not just the one it funds to lobby itself for the result it wants by claiming to the wider public that corrupt bullies like ASH are "charities".

ASH gets just 0.2% of its total funding from the public - and that tiny minority of cash which wouldn't even enable ASH to rent it's own office for one year - probably comes from the unsupported, unpopular smokerphobes who obviously have mental health issues.

When fairness and balance comes back to the debate about smoking, only then can fatties be sure that they will be heard and the hate campaign against them will stop, and the wine o'clocks won't face a future of being described in worse terms than Josef Frizel

If these so called "scientists" really want to make their living on the back of causing misery for others, they should switch the focus of their research to find out exactly what makes someone a smokerphone and where exactly that irrational fear of smokers comes from.

Maybe then they can design a very expensive drug to make these weirdos "normal" like the rest of us.