Friday, May 6, 2011


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Political philosopher Edmund Burke said evil triumphs when good people do nothing and that's exactly what happened across the Uk last night. The non-voter was in the majority and they cleared the way for bigoted NuLiebore to take seats they didn't deserve which will make the rest of us suffer for as long as it takes to get them out again.

One can only hope the Great British Public wakes up and begins to realise that they are allowing a tyrannical dictatorship to take hold. For sure if the extremist Labour Party retains power here for too long, we will begin to see bins getting emptied once a month, residents being fined for daring to have too much rubbish, and motorists being banned from entering our town centre, and probably at some stage being fined for not car sharing as well.

Of course the party's hatred of smokers is well documented and I genuinely fear for our future as NuLiebour begins to work out how it can stave off cuts by trawling in cash from persecuting us further. My guess is cigarette bins will begin to disappear so they can fine us for dropping biodegradble cig ends, and I am sure outdoor bans are a breath away too.

This despicable Party will enforce it's ideology on people by any means to force compliance as we have seen many times during the agony of the Bliar/Brown dictatorship years and the corruption of their former taxi for hire ministers like the appalling Big Pharma lackey Pat Hewitt.

Only 36% of people eligible to vote turned out in Lincoln and in another ward, the figure was 15%. Bearing in mind that we were being asked to vote on something as important as a huge change to our constitutional voting system, the apathy is almost criminal.

I asked one journo at last night's count whether she thought it was time to make voting compulsory, which I might be in favour of, but when I asked if she thought it should be backed up by prosecution of those who don't vote, she didn't reply. I wouldn't be in favour of criminalision for non voting especially because I think it would target poorer people who currently don't vote because they don't see anything in it for them.

I am pretty astounded at my result at the North Kesteven District Council election here in my home ward but obviously very pleased at doing so well when I never had any time to campaign and most of what I could do was done in Lincoln.

I think it's a shame that rather than waste our cash and our time on Cleggy's "Miserable Little Compromise" - that might just jump up and bite his backside on top on terrible election results for the Limp Dumps - perhaps time, energy and money should be spent on promoting why it's so damn important to get to the polls.

At least I can say don't blame me. I didn't let it happen. I voted for UKIP.